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Roulette Cheating

Sense the Roulette game and its rules were invented, cheating rules were invented either.

The list of roulette cheating methods:


Electromagnets were placed around the Roulette wheel. The dealer used hidden controls in order to activate the magnet to steer the Roulette ball away from bet areas. And also magnets were placed in the pockets themselves.

Roulette Wheel Tampering

This kind of Roulette cheating can be used by owners of casino or by players. With a help of sticky substances the ball entered to a certain pocket. Also cheats used some certain materials under the pockets changing the Roulette ball's bounce.


This kind of Roulette cheating was invented by Roulette casinos owners. They drilled a hole in the track of the ball and placed a spring pin under the hole. The dealer operated a small lever that forced the pin at the spring. This method allowed a skilled dealer to trip the Roulette ball from outcome at the right moment.

Past Posting

This form of cheating at Roulette game is for skilled players. At the moment, when the Roulette ball is close to a pocket, the dealer is not looking at the number. The player may change the bet on the winning one. But this method of Roulette cheating is extremely risky because nowadays dealers are trained against such methods.

Ball Control

They say dealers can control the ball by skillful throws. Honestly, it is impossible to prove. So if one is worried about that, it is better to place the bet after the wheel is whirled.

High Tech Systems of casino cheating

In March 2004, a group consisting of 2 men and woman used a mobile phone with a laser scanner, which was linked to computer. In such a way they won £1.2 million.

So these are possible methods of cheating at Roulette. But everybody should remember that it is very dangerous to use them.

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