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Online Cheating

Did you know that it is easy and common to cheat in roulette? One highly popular cheating method is known as 'past posting', which has been around for several years now.

Roulette Cheating Methods

After spinning the wheel and waiting for the ball to land, the dealer usually looks down to find out which number wins. Well, players with skillful hands and sharp eyes can take advantage of the situation and place the bet on whichever number wins. This kind of cheating happens to be extremely common in one-dealer games. Cheaters will normally get rid of losing bets to place winning bets, or change their losing bets to other numbers. Unfortunately, this cheating method requires a quick, sharp, and calculating hand. Also, dealers are highly aware of it, so make sure you claim ignorance if you ever get accused.

Another cheating method in roulette is ball control. Since the croupier greatly influences roulette, their actions are going to influence the landing of the ball. Because of their spinning experiences, dealers will develop a kind of muscle memory in their delivery system's consistency. Because of this, they can influence the game's results and ensure the ball falls onto a certain number. Observations show that men are more territorial and tend to control each spin if a player constantly wins at the table. However, players cannot prove this. So, if you think a dealer's control is affecting you, it would be smart to watch each spin prior to making a bet. It would also be smart to build rapport with skillful dealers to strengthen your overall game play. Doing this might help you take advantage of his ability.

What Computers Can Do

Using hidden computers involves checking the wheel's mechanical conditions and using prediction based on Newton's laws in physics. With this method, the game will get an advantage instead of be cheated on. However, putting computers to use in casinos is usually illegal, so it will be hard to do this.

A group of physicists have developed a small computer with a software that calculate different motion equations, though. In fact, due to its flexibility, this software could adapt to various roulette games. This computer was programmed perfectly, but certain problems arose in hiding it because of logistical problems and the power supply. So, to build a similar device, knowledge in electronics, mathematics, physics, information theory and computer science would be needed.

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