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How to play

Roulette refers to a game where the player has to guess where a ball will drop on a spinning wheel. This would actually be a good game, if only the house advantage weren't so high (it usually stands at 5.26% or 2.63% - higher than baccarat, blackjack, and craps). Because of this, you always have to calculate any expected losses, as well as the amount of time you will play on your bankroll prior to playing roulette.

Playing Roulette

Every chip has a color to it and the color corresponds to the player, so that two players can bet on one number and still get payed accordingly. Sometimes, the "outside or inside" question might get asked when you buy chips in order to distinguish whether you want to make outside or inside bets. If you only bet inside while somebody else only bets outside, you can share the exact same color when it comes to your chips. This is why you should always say "Both", regardless of what your et are going to be like. This will ensure that you don't get locked in, in case you change your bet after all. Remember: an advantage never exists in getting limited to outside or inside bets.

When it comes to other games, chip colors tend to denote their denominations. However, when it comes to roulette, chip colors only denote which player owns them. As a matter of fact, roulette chips could be of any denomination, so when you choose to buy in, make sure you let the dealer know which denomination you would prefer. By doing so, the dealer will place a marker onto that chips stack in order to tell your chip value.

There are also minimum bets when it comes to roulette and these will be placed on the table's placard. The minimum bets here work a bit differently for outside and inside bets, though. When it comes to outside bets, you have to make a bet that matches the minimum of the table. Conversely, inside bets are allowed to be extra small, provided your total reaches the minimum of the table. Keep in mind that you are allowed to make outside or inside bets, if you would prefer and that there isn't a requirement to make both bets on any spin.

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