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House Edge

The House Advantage

The house advantage in roulette is set at 35:1, in general, which means that if you win a spin, the casino will pay out $35 while allowing you to keep your $1 bet. In general, the house advantage refers to how much the player actually loses to each bet (on average). By betting on one number in European roulette, the chances of you winning 35 times your bet lies at 1/37, while the chances of you losing your bet lies at 36/37; the house advantage lies at 2.7%. This is because the house advantage only lies on the wheel and each green square. When placing outside bets, keep in mind that you will lose every time 00 or 0 comes up. Also, the house only gets an advantage on every inside bet where your odds of winning straight bets on single numbers are at 36:1. However, payouts are always set on 35:1.


To show you how the house advantage in roulette works, imaging betting $1 straight on every number on the table along with 00 and 0 to make sure you win. By doing this, you will only get 35 times of your initial $1 and spend $38 in the process. A lot of people believe that green numbers would be the house numbers, so betting on these will increase the house advantage. However, although the house edge comes about because of those numbers, the truth is that they don't actually come up more compared to any others.

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